Seattle Waterfront Improvement Fund I

Seattle Waterfront Improvement Project- Sold

Project Overview

The Seattle Waterfront Project I was a limited partnership which featured AAA-rated government bonds and created over 3,900 jobs for U.S. workers. Through this projects, investors received 5% of the interest on the capital invested and were able to submit I-526 applications immediately after bonds were purchased.

Highlights of the Sale

  • Sold out in May 2015
  • EB-5 Investors purchased AAA-rated government bonds
  • Over 3,900 jobs created
  • Limited Partnership paid each investor 5% of the interest on capital invested
  • Investors were able to submit I-526 immediately after bond purchase

Project Information

World Trade Center San Francisco, in partnership with the Western Washington Regional Center, LLC, structured a bond investment offered by Seattle Waterfront Improvement Fund I, LP. The proceeds of the bond sale went to the construction of the Seattle Waterfront Improvement in Seattle, Washington.

The project had 4 major components and was made of 2 different portions: Elliott Bay Seawall and Public Pier 57 and 62/63 construction. The project was focused on improving the safety of the waterfront as well as improving the space of the waterfront to be used for public events.

Official Project Website:

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