Orion Oil and Gas II

Orion Oil and Gas II

Project Overview

Access US Oil and Gas, Inc. (“AUSOG”) is participating with Comanche Exploration Company, LLC (“Comanche”) to drill horizontal wells in the Orion Horizontal Mississippian Project in Major County, Oklahoma.

AUSOG will enter into a Credit Agreement to borrow up to $30 million from ORION OIL AND GAS II, LP, a group of foreign investors seeking a US Green Card through the EB-5 Investment Program.

AUSOG will acquire its position in Comanche’s existing net leasehold free and clear of all liens and encumbrances and will obtain up to 21% of Comanche’s net leasehold interest and 77% net revenue interest.  Currently, Comanche owns or holds leases covering approximately 10,000 net mineral acres.

AUSOG has agreed to participate in the drilling of four (4) initial test wells located within the Orion HM Project area for Orion Oil and Gas Fund I. After the success of Fund I, AUSOG and agreed to an additional 28 in the same area For Orion Oil and Gas Fund II.

Offering Highlights

  • EB-5 Investors (up to 60) invest $500,000 each into Orion Oil and Gas II, LP (Orion).
  • Orion loans up to $30 million to Access US Oil and Gas (AUSOG)
  • AUSOG pays ORION 3% interest on capital raised.
  • Investment is held in escrow until I-526 is approved by USCIS.
  • Investment Capital to be paid back to Orion in 4 years pending I-829 approval.
  • AUSOG grants Orion security in the leasehold interest acquired and in the 24 wells.
  • 80% of the net oil and gas revenues will be paid directly to a protected escrow account until the capital collected is sufficient to return all investment to the Orion LP investors.
  • An economic study projects over 1,500 jobs for the Orion Fund II project.
  • Investors can submit I-526 immediately.

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