The Bonds Model

The Bonds Model

The bonds model is a method of EB-5 investment developed by Michal Mattox and is currently patent pending in both the US and China.

One of the main features of the bonds model is the use of municipal bonds to create secure investments for EB-5 investors. To learn more about this unique method of securing green cards for EB-5 investors and their families, read the Model Overview below, or contact us directly.

Bonds Model Overview

Municipal bonds (munis) are debt issued by local governments, state governments, districts, and other entities that serve a civic purpose. This includes states, towns, cities, counties, school districts, hospitals, transportation authorities, universities and colleges, housing projects, road and highway authorities, water districts, and power districts.

When a government issues a muni, they are borrowing money to be paid back at a later date. Governments and special purpose entities use the cash raised by selling the bonds to finance infrastructure projects, make capital improvements, and build or make improvements to schools, roads, bridges, hospitals, power systems, and for other general purposes.

EB-5 investors become involved in this process when they purchase the bonds through a USCIS designated Regional Center. In this process, the investor is admitted as a limited partner to a company formed by the regional center. After this, the Regional Center utilizes a brokerage firm to purchase the bonds from the civic entity. With the funds raised from the purchase of these bonds, the civic entity moves forward with their project, such as a new school, bridge or roadway.

The jobs created from this project are then counted to qualify EB-5 investors for their US green card. Once the USCIS approves an investor’s I-829, and the investor has successfully completed an interview, a green card should be mailed to the investor within 6 months after the interview. By using the EB-5 Bonds Model, investors have the unique opportunity to secure a green card for themselves and their families while investing in the US economy through a safe and reliable method.

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