About EB-5 Bonds Group

The EB-5 Bonds was founded in 2009 with one basic goal: provide foreign investors with a wide variety of stable investments. With this goal in mind, EB-5 Bonds has focused on bonds, oil and gas and real estate investments, applying strict standards to each project evaluated before it is offered to investors.

EB-5 Bonds works with various companies and professionals to ensure that each project is legal, high-quality, and secure. EB-5 Bonds works with broker-dealers and SEC-registered investment companies to ensure that projects will be in compliance with security laws. Along with this assurance, EB-5 Bonds works with professional consultants and attorneys for due diligence on each project. Finally, in order to ensure that a project is a stable project, EB-5 Bonds works with local and foreign investors to establish a project’s stability.

Mike Mattox, CEO of EB-5 Bonds, is a pioneer of the Bonds Model and currently has a patent pending in both China and the US on the model. With this status, EB-5 Bonds is the only project provider which can legally utilize this model.

Along with EB-5 Bonds, our management team is also involved with the sister companies World Trade Center, San Fransico, Access the US Oil and Gas, as well as other Regional Centers across the United States.

As the years progress EB-5 Bonds still keeps one goal in mind: stable and secure investments for foreign investors. As the company continues to grow and facilitate investments, EB-5 Bonds works harder than ever to find the right investment for our clients.


Our Team

Derek Watson

(Project Manager)

Aaron Beeson

(Project Manager)

Jason Li

(Project Manager)

Mike Mattox